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Sidebar override in layout builder?

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    J. Weidlein

    i am using a custom layout on my homepage and would also like it to have a custom sidebar that runs the entire length of the page.

    I see where the posts/pages have a sidebar override option, and also where you can configure the sidebar layout in the builder — but (1) the sidebar is confined to the primary area only, and (2) I don’t see any way to fill it with custom content for just the homepage.

    What would be the best way to do this?

    – thanks!

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    Jason Bobich


    The left and right sidebars are something that’s separate from the custom layout, itself. This depends on the current page.

    Yes, sidebars can be applied directly within the Edit Page screen, but they can also be applied throughout your site at Appearance > Widget Areas to just about anywhere. From here, you’d edit your widget area, and for its assignment you’d select Hierarchy > Home.

    See the “Widget Areas” section of your documentation that came with your theme, and there is a video series that explains this in more detail.

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