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Showcase of Websites Built with Jump Start?

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    Hi Jason,

    I love using Jump Start! I’ve built quite a few websites with it now.

    The tools and flexibility of the theme are amazing.

    I’d love to show you some of the sites I’ve developed with Jump Start.

    Would it be okay to list a few here in the Jump Start forum? Or is there another place to do so?

    It might be nice to set up a place for people to submit the finished sites they’ve made — so that others can see the range of what’s possible with Jump Start. Perhaps a Customer Showcase area?

    Just a thought.

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    Jason Bobich


    Yeah, I’d like that at some point, for sure. For now, feel free to post links in the forum. I always like to see what people create with Jump Start.


    Okeee dokey!


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