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SEO Yoast + Layout Builder

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    meg phillips

    I LOVE the red light, yellow light, green light feature of the SEO Yoast plugin, but I’ve noticed that content stored within the layout builder is not utilized in the ‘judging’ of the seo on any particular page. I am certain that is a side effect of this content being stored in the post meta rather than in the page content.

    As a plugin developer, I can imagine a way to hack this myself, but I wonder if you might build something to make this possible??? Or include that compatibility within the next release of the layout builder plugin?

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Meg,

    Thanks for the feedback. In all honesty, I’m not really sure this is something that I’d want to actually put in the framework, but I think would definitely make an interesting idea for a plugin, possibly?

    I just did a quick Google search about it, and it seems doable. I found this:

    I think basically it would be a matter of using filter wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content, from the Yoast plugin. You’d have to build a string of all the content from the custom layout elements, and then append that to the post content string with that filter.

    That in itself is pretty straightforward; however the downside is that going through all the data that makes up a custom layout, and pulling out the “content-related” options in each element (which are different in every element), would be a fairly taxing process. There’s already so much going on when you load the Edit Page screen, I think doing something like this would add another large process, that I’m not sure would be worth it (just from my perspective, anyway).

    Travis Hartliep

    Hi Jason, can you speak to whether it is OK from an SEO standpoint to ignore the red or yellow errors that Meg mentions above. I mean are the spiders able to crawl where apparently the Yoast plug-in is not. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, the warning from Yoast isn’t relevant here. Google (or any search engine) is looking at the HTML markup outputted onto the static page of your website.

    In this scenario, by default, Yoast has no way of knowing what’s in your custom layout. This feature of Yoast works by assuming what will be outputted onto the static page of your website is from the standard content area; that’s not the case here.

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