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Saved options don't match theme base, Jump Start 2.0-beta2

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    I generally upload jumpstart, then upload my child theme, then activate the child theme (then install req plugins). Now when I go to theme options I see “Your saved options do not currently match the theme base you’ve selected. Please re-save your theme options page.” Resaving and/or clearing has no effect.

    At this point it seems that changing my options does have the expected result on the frontend of the site, but the message persists.

    If I go to theme base and switch bases (eg to superuser, then back to developer) then I can make the message disappear.

    my options are on:
    add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘jma_add_options’, 5);

    Am I on the wrong hook?
    thx, john

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    Jason Bobich

    It looks like the problem in the theme is that it doesn’t account for the theme base option being empty, which is what you’ll get on a brand new install. This is an easy fix I can make, so thanks for pointing it out. As you already figured out, the simple workaround after an initial fresh theme install is just to select a theme base other than developer, then select developer again. Then, after saving your options page, all will be setup properly.

    You can also completely disable the theme base feature, if it’s not relevant to what you’re giving the client. If you’re adding a ton of user options yourself, I would assume you don’t want to use one of the pre-built theme bases, as these are not meant to be heavily developed upon.

    function my_remove_support( $setup ) {
        $setup['admin']['base'] = false;
        return $setup;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_global_config', 'my_remove_support' );


    Jason Bobich

    It’s probably also worth mentioning that if you decide do disable the theme base feature, and you had previously saved it, you should probably delete the option from the database. Just do the following in your functions.php for a page load, and then remove it from your functions.php.


    Thanks Jason!
    I was getting ready to look for a way to remove the bases.

    I guess it might not hurt to add:

    function jma_jumpstart_setup () {
    add_action('after_switch_theme', 'jma_jumpstart_setup');

    to the top of my child-theme?

    thanks again,

    Jason Bobich

    I guess I’m not quite sure why you’d have that.

    1) If you’ve disabled the feature from the start, then the user will never have that saved.

    2) And if you’re using the feature, every time the user activates the theme again, they’ll lose what they had. A user could be deactivating and re-activating your theme for several reasons — debugging an error, they screwed up an update, etc.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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