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Responsive Images And/Or Post Grid Slider Not Shrinking Enough

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    We’re using the Post Grid Slider in the page builder options for the homepage. However, in the smaller responsive CSS breakpoints, the slider and/or the featured images are not shrinking small enough to fit, and they are causing the viewport to horizontal scroll:

    Additionally, the featured images appear to be receiving an inline width/height, which appears to be the cause?

    Site URL:

    Any suggestions as to why this is happening, and how to fix it so the images shrink more to fit on the smaller breakpoints?
    Thank you!

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    Jason Bobich


    This actually isn’t related to the post grid slider. Notice how it’s like this on all pages of your site.

    Here’s why it’s happening —

    By default, the theme has a fixed width layout, but when your viewport gets to 1020px, we remove the fixed width on all of the major layout containers and start a max-width system that gets smaller and smaller as you scale down.

    However, the problem is that it appears you’ve made edits to the this file of the theme:


    If you restore the theme’s original version of this file, you’ll see that the problem will be resolved.

    Specifically, the issue is that you’ve added an “a” character to the start of the file, and then this messes up that line of CSS, and makes the rest of the contained @media query below it invalid.

    So, I’m not sure why you were editing this file, but make sure to never edit any files of the theme and make all your edits from your child theme. And I noticed in that responsive.min.css file, you spaced everything out a bit — Keep in mind if you’re just looking for a readable version of the file, you’ll find it named responsive.css in the same directory.

    And if you’re not sure how to overrides these kinds of responsive styles from your child theme’s style.css, just let me know and we can talk about it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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