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Refresh Preview and Customizer Options

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    Hi Jason,

    I wish to ask you any suggestions about an issue that I can’t get rid of:

    I’ve installed barely corporate and I build a plugin that extends the theme options panel and add some custom controls into the customizer to manage these new options.

    When I open the customizer and do some changes using the controls, If I navigate the website preview, the website will refresh and I loose all the changes done.
    This will not happen with your customizer controls that you setup into the themeblvd framework.

    Maybe do you have any tip to this problem?
    Thank you very much in advance, any suggestion would really appreciated.

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    Jason Bobich


    How specifically are you extending the theme options? Are you using our API functions?

    Then, how are you implementing these into the customizer?

    In your Barely Corporate theme, look at /includes/options.php — This is a good example of how you can (1) add options to your theme options page with themeblvd_add_option_section() and (2) add options from there to the customizer with use of themeblvd_add_customizer_section().

    Notice in Barely Corporate’s /includes/options.php, that these API functions are called from within other functions hooked to WordPress’s “after_setup_theme” hook. This is especially important for you to do if you are doing this from a plugin. Without this, none of the functions will work because WordPress includes plugin files before theme files, and thus none of the functions from the theme exist yet at the time your plugin is included.

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