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Problem with Ninja Popup Plugin

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    I recently purchased a plugin called Ninja Popups for WordPress –

    It works great on everything apart from WP Jumpstart, all the options work and all the creation and edit routines. When I try to preview a popup I get the following error:-
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function themeblvd_user_stylesheets() in D:\wamp2\www\2013\popuptest\wp-content\themes\jumpstart\includes\theme-functions.php on line 51

    I’m using Jumpstart 1.02 and WordPress 3.5.2 with the standard plugins for JS installed, it’s a clean local install of WP.

    Get the same result with child or parent theme.

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    A little bit of further information, the popup actually work fine in th frontend, it’s only the preview in the admin panel that returns this error.

    So unless the error is something obvious I can work around it.

    Jason Bobich

    I assume this is because the plugin is trying to pull a bunch of stuff normally on the frontend, into the admin. I believe the themeblvd_user_stylesheets() is a function that simply is not defined on the admin side of things.

    The function is pluggable, if you want to just copy it to your Child theme’s functions.php, so it’s defined everywhere.

    if( ! function_exists( 'themeblvd_user_stylesheets' ) ) {
    	function themeblvd_user_stylesheets( $level ) {
    		global $_themeblvd_user_stylesheets;
    		// Add styles
    		if( $level == 4 ) {
    			// Manually insert level 4 stylesheet
    			if( $_themeblvd_user_stylesheets[4] )
    				foreach( $_themeblvd_user_stylesheets[4] as $stylesheet )
    					echo "<link rel='stylesheet' id='".$stylesheet['handle']."' href='".$stylesheet['src']."' type='text/css' media='".$stylesheet['media']."' />";
    		} else {
    			// Use WordPress's enqueue system
    			if( $_themeblvd_user_stylesheets[$level] )
    				foreach( $_themeblvd_user_stylesheets[$level] as $stylesheet )
    					wp_enqueue_style( $stylesheet['handle'], $stylesheet['src'], array(), $stylesheet['ver'], $stylesheet['media'] );


    Thanks for the reply and yes that solved the problem, great support.

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