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Post List Shortcode

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    Hi Jason,

    I’m creating a site for my son’s elementary school. We’d like to categorize the staff under a Teachers category and then list the staff at each grade level using tags. However, when I use the following shortcode, I get all teachers in the Teachers category, not just the ones tagged with their grade level:

    [post_list category_name="teachers" tag="secondgrade" thumbs="small" post_content="content" numberposts="-1" orderby="date" order="DESC" offset="0" link="false" link_target="_self"]

    In the above example, I get the Kindergarten teachers and all other teachers in the category teachers, not just the ones tagged as “secondgrade.” Are my expectations correct that it should just grab the ones tagged “secondgrade”?

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    Jason Bobich

    Thanks for pointing this out. The “tag” parameter was something that was supposed to be added in v1.0.4 of the Shortcodes plugin, but I guess it didn’t. It was added in the framework’s post list function and even the shortcode generator (which is where the confusion is I’m sure). — but not actually added as a paramater to the post_list shortcode.

    Now added:

    Anyway, I’ve updated the plugin to fix this. Update Theme Blvd Shortcodes to v1.0.6. Let me know if the issue persists.

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