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Post List Not Working….

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    I can’t seem to resolve this myself and there’s nothing like it in the Forum….

    I have a category (video) which contains maybe 10 or so posts. I have checked and they have the correct category.
    I have set up a page, using the Post list template and set the Custom field category_name to the correct slug (‘video-2’ copied and pasted). Saving it and previewing it I see the correct URL, but the page itself displays only ‘Index of /videos’ and beneath that a link to ‘Parent Directory’.

      <title>Index of /videos</title>
    <h1>Index of /videos</h1>
    <ul><li><a href="/"> Parent Directory</a></li>

    Now, I have other, working Post List pages and I have patiently compared the working ones side by side with this one that won’t work and I can’t see any difference.

    What could be the cause of this? Any ideas gratefully received!

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    Jason Bobich


    That has to be something outside of WordPress, unless you’re using some third party plugin doing that, which I can’t imagine to be the case. Is it possible there is something on your server that is doing something with this specific URL? Have you tried going through all third-party WordPress plugins? Anything SEO related? Doing something with URL’s of your site? You may ask your host, if you can’t find the culprit inside of your WordPress plugins. But definitely nothing in our theme or WordPress by default would be doing that.

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