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Post List issue

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    Hello jason, In the blog I am creating. When I add the restriction of only 5 posts for some reason there is no pagenation happening. It only gives me the 5 posts so I have to have them set to the -1 or all action. Am I missing something here my friend?



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    Jason Bobich

    This would depend on how specifically you’re adding your Post List. Not all posts lists can have pagination because it involves different kind of query’ing. One thing that is great about a Post List, in general, is that you can put them in multiple places on a single page (i.e. like the [post_list] shortcode).

    However, the downside here is that you can never have more than one paginated item on a single page. So if the user could say have pagination with the [post_list] shortcode, things would break as they started putting more than one, because we have no way to limit the user.

    Post Lists with pagination

    Layout Builder: “Post List (paginated)” element
    Page Template: “Post List” template

    Posts Lists without pagination

    Layout Builder: “Post List” element
    Shortcode: [post_list] shortcode used anywhere

    It only gives me the 5 posts so I have to have them set to the -1 or all action

    Yup, 5 posts is the default. If you want more you need to specify that. And if you want pagination, you need to use a Post List that comes with pagination. (See above)

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