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Post list is showing excerpts only despite selecting 'show full text'

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    Our client has a custom page layout including a post list in a column. The post list is set (in Theme Options) to show full text, and it used to do so, but it is now showing excerpts only. The site user says they have not made any changes, and it just suddenly stopped working how they wanted it.

    I thought it might be to do with the recent updates, so have updated to Alyeska 3.1.5 (they’d updated the plugins but not the theme). I’ve also tried deactivating and reactivating all installed plugins, in case it was a conflict, but that hasn’t resolved it. I’ve tried playing with various combinations & configurations in Theme Options, but just can’t get it to display full text rather than excerpts in the post list. Any suggestions?

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    Jason Bobich


    This option was removed from the [post_list] shortcode for safety reasons, so people don’t end up in infinite loop. There are probably several workarounds, but they would only be possible through child theme customizations.

    For example, one easy workaround I can think of would be to copy content-list.php to your child theme, and then change:

    <?php themeblvd_blog_content( themeblvd_get_att( 'content' ) ); ?>


    <?php the_content(); ?>
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