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Permalinks of page when slider shortcode is used

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    We are experiencing some weird thing on our website (
    We have a portfolio with some products, for example Webshops (

    On each of the product pages we have inserted a slider with the following shortcode:
    [slideshow category="webwinkels" width="920" height="200" effect="scrollLeft" speed="5"]

    When we change the permalink of the page it saves fine, and we can use the new permalink, however if we then save the page again (with or without making any changes, it does not matter) the permalink gets changed to ‘webwinkel-risk-2’.
    Which coincidentally is a Slide that is used on the particular page.

    I have tried looking into the code, if anything changes the permalinks for posts, but I could not find anything.

    I have been able to reproduce this when the slider shortcode is inserted into the page, but when I remove the slider shortcode, and save the page, the permalink is saved correctly and does not change anymore.

    We can conclude that somehow when you insert a slideshow into the page, the permalink gets changed.

    I have not been able to test if it is a conflict with another plugin, because this is a live website.
    I can create a copy of the live website to test it in a development environment if you think this could solve it.

    Otherwise I would love to hear from you if you know what the issue could be.


    Rowan Schaap for NH-Websites

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Rowan,

    There isn’t anything in the theme that would be changing the permalink structure, and it wouldn’t be possible for it to be happenning due to inserting the slideshow shortcode into a page’s content. This would be some sort of conflict with WordPress and how your permalink settings are setup combined with giving two items the same slug.

    Have you tried just adjusting the slugs of your slideshows and slides so none of them are the same as the pages you’re creating?

    Do you have any other posts with the same slug as the page you’re creating?

    Is it possible you have old pages or posts in your “Trash” that have the same slug as the new page you’re creating?


    Thanks alot for the tips.

    We’ve done the suggestions you’ve made, and it seems like it was indeed some sort of conlict with the permalinks of the slides.

    Fixed and closed!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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