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page duplication issues throughout the site

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    Jason Bobich


    Have you checked out the first video in your documentation’s video series on the overview of how custom layouts work and their purpose? It should help to explain the concept a bit of it all.

    Just going from what you’re describing, this is my understanding — You’re applying a layout to one page, then applying to another and making changes.

    So, I think there is some confusion here on what a custom layout is, exactly. A custom layout is meant to construct the content of a single page. This is not a re-usable layout that can be used from page to page.

    For example, the two pages you reference here both have the same layout “product-pages” attached to it. This means you can expect that any edits you make to the “product-pages” layout is going to display on both pages.

    When you begin a new page, if you want to get going faster and use another layout as a starting point, you can do that. Checkout part 2 of the Layout Builder video series from your docs:

    Or if you want to add a tiny bit of re-usability to a custom layout, and still have one layout applied to both pages, you can incorporate the content of the current page into that layout. See part 4 of that series:

    Does this make more sense now?


    Hi Jason

    Thank you for your detailed reply, it has helped a lot. I was racking my small brain yesterday and all night why it was happening as I have used this theme before and love it. However I didn’t use the custom layout before I built the entire website in the visual and text editor and that is where I was going wrong with this one. The layout option is so much better now I know what I am doing, thanks a lot.

    Just to not again this is a fab theme and as I said I have used before and will use again. I also must take a look at our portfolio of other theme. Always a great service with you guys and that goes a long way, thanks to you all and keep up the great work :o)

    Cheers and have a good day, Alex :o)

    Jason Bobich

    Awesome, glad to hear it, Alex! Good luck with the site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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