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One primary post in full-width?

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    Is it somehow possible to get the latest one post displayed at the top of a post list with at full-width image – while the rest of the same post list is displayed with a small thumbnail each?
    Even better: If only that first post could be displayed with full content while only an excerpt is displayed on those below.
    I´ve tried quite a bit back´n forth under Theme options > Content – but only get either
    – one full-width thumbnail and no thumbs below
    – full-width thumbnails on all posts in the list
    – no thumbnails on any posts
    Here is where I´d like it to happen:

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    Jason Bobich

    On this page you’re using a custom layout “forside4-innlegg” and this is where you’d do this. Here’s one way I think you could do it —

    First you’d add a post list element to the layout. You’d set it show one post, and then setup its featured images how you want, there in the element’s options.

    Then, you’d add a paginated post list element, and set its “Offset” to 1.


    Thanks Jason – you´re always quick coming back
    Your suggestion makes sense, except for one, or actually two things:
    – The “Post list” does´t respect the “Number of posts: 1” setting.
    – The “Post list (paginated)” doesn´t have any offset setting
    I´ve (tried to) set up the home page now as you described, just added a Content part (in red) at the very top.
    Below there´s:
    – a Post list (set to show 1 post (from one category) and full-with thumbs. Offset: 0 – It shows 10 posts (not all)
    – a Post list (paginated) set to show 10 posts (from the same category) with small thumbs. No offset option, so it also shows the latest post (“Touren til Paris 2013”) + pagination at the bottom (as it should).
    Is it a bug or may there be a conflicting setting, eg in the Theme options > Content > … or even the Settings > Read…
    If this is a bug (hardly :o) its no big deal, I could just use the full-width thumbs. That works well too.

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, sorry about that; you’re right. I forgot paginated queries can’t possess offset. I’m not quite sure then how you’d accomplish what you’re looking to do.

    An alternative approach could be just to make some sort of landing page with all non-paginated post list elements, with a button or something at the bottom going to your actual “blog” or full listings of posts, or whatever.

    And if you’re running into any odd behavior with the number of posts being displayed, you can use “showposts” parameter in the custom query option of any post list to force it display the correct number. — Hopefully these oddities are worked out in the next update.



    OK, nice to know
    Thanks, Jason

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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