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No ability to change background colors of elements

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    Debbie Devine

    Hi, I just purchased WP Jumpstart and have been mostly frustrated with it. I downloaded all of the plugins that were suggested: layout builder, shortcodes, sliders, widget areas, and widget pack.

    The issue I’m having is I do not have the same interface that I see in the Theme Blvd demo videos for Layout Builder.

    1) I do not see a button called “Add Section”. I’m guessing that maybe with the release of 2.0 that has been done away with, since I now see defined section areas. Am I right?

    2) I do not have an image icon to the right of each element that I can click on to edit background colors. This is also something I’ve seen in the demo videos, but it’s nowhere to be found in my Theme Builder layout.


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    Jason Bobich


    Sorry to hear you’re frustrated. It can be confusing if you’re trying to rely on videos posted online because we have many versions of various products and various versions of videos. To avoid confusion, try to stick to the videos that correspond to the product you’ve purchased.

    So, here on this site, when you go to My Account > Downloads, you’re downloading the current stable version of Jump Start (1.2.5) along with the User Documentation. Inside this documentation, you’ll know all videos and material correspond to this product. — In other words, videos in here will give you a more accurate demonstration of what to expect from using the Layout Builder with Jump Start 1.x.

    Moving forward, these features you’re asking about have not been removed, but just the opposite; they are new to using the Layout Builder plugin with Jump Start 2.0+. When using Jump Start 1.x, these features are not present.

    Currently Jump Start 2.0 is still in beta. If you like, you can download the beta and use these features.

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