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Ninja Forms compatibility issues

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    I’ve been using Ninja Forms successfully for the past year.

    but now the text only boxes (for instructions) are not showing up after the forms user has logged in. And, when using Safari, after logging in to a previously saved form and submitting the form, all the new field data is lost and it does not submit. When the Ninja support tested with a default them, they said the problem did not show up. Here’s their response:

    When I checked your forms, I tested it first with a default theme, there were other plugins that use your theme as well that seems to automatically turned off when I did so, and I was able to see the redirect page, as well as create the submission.

    For the instructions not showing up on Safari, they also show up on a default theme as well, as I’m not seeing the ghost field either on a default theme.

    I suggest contacting the theme developer about these issues, as it seems that the theme is defining the behavior that you’re encountering.

    I’m not sure what to do to get this form working reliably. Please help. Thanks!

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    Jason Bobich


    Unfortunately, we can’t really provide support for third-party plugins like this. In the same way, from there end it’s impossible to support every theme, from our end, it’s impossible to support every plugin. Often getting a third-party plugin and your theme to jive just right, takes a little customization on your part, or hiring someone that can do this for you.

    In reality, the things you’re describing would be extremely difficult to diagnose for me.

    For example, you’re saying that some items are not displaying. This is probably a basic CSS conflict that could potentially be fixed, but I would have no idea where to look, as I don’t know what is supposed to be there that’s not, not knowing anything about your plugin or the specific form you’ve setup.

    And, when using Safari, after logging in to a previously saved form and submitting the form, all the new field data is lost and it does not submit.

    Something like this, however, I can’t see having anything to do with the theme? Other than maybe a javascript conflict somewhere if the plugin is using any kind of javascript to submit the data? It’s really difficult to say, from my perspective. It just seems unlikely that the theme could have anything to do with form data not submitting from your plugin, but again I know nothing about how the plugin or your form works.

    If your plugin support can maybe give you any hints as to what appears to actually be causing some of the issues you’re describing, I can try to point you in the right direction to your customizations with the theme. But at this point, you’re sort of just linking me to a needle in a haystack, you know?

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