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narrow the sidebar to 1/4

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    Alyeska child theme.

    I’m using custom layouts and I want to use some floating widgets in the sidebars, but 1/3 is too wide for what I want to do in the main content area ( I need more than 2/3).

    Is there an easy way to reduce width of sidebar options to something like 1/4 without screwing anything up, ie floating widget areas, etc…

    Or please point me to someone good at modifying your theme so I ca make a few changes like this. I only have a handful of pages


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    Jason Bobich


    Please see this article which explains the whole system:

    Note that since this article we’ve updated Twitter Bootstrap in the theme, and they’ve changed the names of the classes for the grid system. We have filters in place to make sure the information in the article will still work. — Meaning if you filter the old classes the way the article show, it will still all technically work, and you’ll never know the difference.

    However, it would be better to make your customization like this with the new classes:

    function my_sidebar_layouts( $layouts ){
        $layouts['sidebar_right']['columns'] = array(
    		'content' 	=> "col-xs-9",
    		'right' 	=> "col-xs-3"
        return $layouts;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_sidebar_layouts', 'my_sidebar_layouts' );

    You’re using 3 because 3 is 1/4 of 12. 3+9=12

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