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Modifying main nav

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    Hi jason,
    Thought you may be able to help me on this one. But my client is kinda maxing out the number of buttons to put on the top level of the main nav. With a bit of tweaking the css in the child theme i was able to squeeze in 8 buttons but now The arrows are not positioning properly and the drop down menus jump when i roll over them. I used the following css to narrow the left and right padding between the buttons:

    .style_green #access ul li a { padding-left: 17px; padding-right: 17px; }

    I have been trying to identify the other parts of the theme.css i need to copy, tweak an onqeue in my child theme but I can’t get the right ones. Could you please help me out?


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    Jason Bobich

    You just need to adjust how the little <span> indicators are absolutely positioned within the anchor tags that Superfish (jQuery plugin that animates the menu dropdowns) adds in when the page loads.

    #access li a > .sf-sub-indicator { right: 20px; }

    Click to enlarge


    Thanks Jason, very helpful.

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