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Modify Output of Mini-Post-List

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    Hi Jason,

    I desire to add a CLASS to the H4 (post title) which is output by the Mini-Post-List shortcode.

    Currently, that H4 is just a plain H4, but I’d like to add a class to it for some custom styling I’m doing.

    Can I move a file/files to my Child Theme and edit there? Or is some type of functions filter necessary?

    I’m not familiar enough with making filters to achieve this though, if that’s what’s needed.

    Can you advise? Or perhaps provide the filter that I’d need to do this?


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    Actually, FYI, what I’m literally wanting to do, is to add a FontAwesome icon (chevron-right) to appear before that H4 in the Mini-Post-List.

    I was thinking that with a specific CLASS on that H4, I could work it out.

    But perhaps you have a suggestion on how to achieve this effect?



    Hi Jason,

    Okay, I’m starting to understand these things.

    I have copied that Mini-Post-List function (from /framework/includeds/parts.php) over to my child theme functions file, and edited the H4 output.

    This works perfectly, so initial problem solved.

    But do you have any tips on adding a FontAwesome icon (chevron-right) to appear before that H4 in the Mini-Post-List?

    Thanks again!

    Jason Bobich


    Since FontAwesome simply uses a CSS icon font replacement technique, you can actually just accomplish what you’re looking for just with CSS and not doing anything on the PHP side of things.

    .themeblvd-mini-post-list h4:before {
    	content: "\f054"; /* This corresponds to the chevron-right icon */
    	font-family: "FontAwesome;
    	margin-right: 5px;

    Amazing as always, Jason!

    Thank you!

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