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Mobile responsive

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    Under my current settings, theme performs well in its responsiveness on both mobile and tablet platforms. My question is related to content within a post. In this example the actual post scales down perfectly but the embedded video is cut off when viewed with a smartphone.

    Are there any recommended sizes for video embedding that would help this work better?

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    Jason Bobich

    Hey David,

    This video doesn’t have any of the theme’s responsive wrappers around it. How are you embedding your video? Are you manually copying the HTML code from YouTube?

    If so, instead, you want to use the way that WordPress has setup for you. The process is called oEmbed, where you simply place the URL to the video page on YouTube into your content. For example:

    Check out this cool video:
    That was a cool video.

    More info:

    When you do this, you’re passing the video through WordPress and allowing it to embed it for you. Then in turn, it gives themes and plugins a chance to filter on anything needed there to modify it. In this case, our theme will wrap it with necessary HTML that we’ve styled to make the videos responsive.


    Got rid of the


    and it works like a champ.

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