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Magnific translation bug?

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    I think there is a bug wiht Magnific translation. “Next” becomes “Previoius” and “Previous” is “null”.

    At bottom of source code it says:


    as part of “var themeblvd =”

    And previous is always null.

    I added

    'lightbox_next'				=> __( 'Next', 'themeblvd_frontend' ),
    'lightbox_previous'			=> __( 'Previous', 'themeblvd_frontend' ),

    to locals.php, function theme_get_js_locals

    And in same file under “// Magnific Popup Lightbox integration” changed

    $locals['lightbox_next'] = themeblvd_get_local('next');
    $locals['lightbox_previous'] = themeblvd_get_local('previous');


    $locals['lightbox_next'] = themeblvd_get_local('lightbox_next');
    $locals['lightbox_previous'] = themeblvd_get_local('lightbox_previous');

    Not sure if correct but it seems to work and there has to be something screwy about “null” 🙂

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    Jason Bobich

    Awesome, thank you for finding this. I’ve got this fixed for Jump Start 1.1.1.

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