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    Jason is preparing for his wedding. My answer will mostly be the same as his.

    just make another menu name it as you like. use the links widget to populate this menu.
    cut and paste the title of the post in the top text box. cut and paste the url (address) in the bottom box.
    then goto the widget screen. drag and drop the Custom Menu Widget in the right sidebar that you are using. the widget will open. name the menu and then choose the menu that you created. Save and your done.

    Jason Bobich

    Hi Martin,

    So, what you’re asking is not a feature of WordPress’s “Recent Posts” widget. So, you’ve kind of got to get creative. I think the basic idea @johnmos has given is on the right track — that being to essentially add a second widget below in the sidebar that has no title, and contains some sort of single link to the page you want.

    But first, I’d start by creating something you plan to use as a Blog. It looks like you’ve already started that with this page I see on your main menu. I can see you’ve set this as your “posts page” from Settings > Reading > Frontpage displays. This should work.

    However, now you need to make it so this page is listing out your posts. I see you currently have the message “Apologies, but there are no posts to display.” So, I’m wondering if maybe you’ve changed settings at Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Primary Posts Display > Exclude Categories?

    After we’ve got this sorted, I’d just create another widget with a link. There are many ways you could do this in WordPress. Maybe the easiest would just be to use a Text widget. Leave the title blank, and just write out the HTML for a link like:

    <a href="">View All Posts</a>
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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