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Jumpstart load time and performance

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    I found this article comparing jumpstart to several others out there

    I found the results to be pretty accurate. For example, the demo home page gets a D rating here:

    Now, before jumping to conclusions, I’m not bashing the product. I think the feature set and architecture of jumpstart and related themes is amazing, well done, quite stellar. So what I am thinking is, its a shame it cant pull better rankings and perf here, and be Super Stellar.

    Any plans to address the perf issues/techniques?


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    If you were paid more???? See this is what is wrong with WordPress devs, heh. Do not make it an “extra” feature but a permanent one. THEN you can also get more money 😉

    No I think you should test all the time not just when done. Takes 1 bad plugin to kill it all, or as said 1 tiny spinnng icon from Font Awesome. Must check, must check 🙂

    If you skip or wait you can get in a situation where you are fairly happy because of fast server or adv. caching. In a “what ever” mood. Is not optimal. Have thrown lots of lipstick on old pig. I think many do this. Or a variant: they get shitty result on a shared server then figure faster server must be solution – even though site does not really require faster. Sort of correct…

    Trick is of course that once you have done this, including mistakes, you eventually get a base. You know which plugins work the best and which are horrors. Same with jQuery stuff, any extras. So in fact you are doing much work at all – which I believe is called easy money. I can agree it might feel annoying to begin with but no reason to mystify “optimizing”, no need for experts.

    But try find a 100% night mare of a site. 2 x jQuery UI, 3 x jQuery, lots of plugins and custom/random coding. Total mess. Then try to tune. Might be easier to start all over!

    Here is another low tech idea. Get one of those plugins which add PHP memory and Mysql requests numbers to admin bar, or simply put it in a widget which only admin can see. You get real time number and so follow all changes. As with CPU monitoring you should freak out because numbers change. Any action need fuel but you can certainly catch the odd unwanted “feature”. When Jason cut off some mysql requests in an update I noticed before reading change log, because of constant monitoring. You also look at speedometer when driving car right? Same with file sizes. Is not definitive but smaller and fewer files from a jQuery plugin CAN be a hint it is effective and like you know “better” 😉 Big risk of going minimal just because of numbers which I think is stupid so only take file sizes as initial hints. You can probably find 5 lines of jQuery code that can kill everything but you have to select based on something. Some are so huge they take over site, like SlideDeck! Just keep eye.

    So low tech but good enough. Can get way more anal with debug bar and WordPress/PHP internals. Debug bar + add-ons to debug bar is next! Or perhaps even better alternatives to debug bar, there are several. They are more tuned in to real usage. Possible also use with adv. usage of Chrome Dev. tools. Is of course more refined and correct than your “feelings”, but I bet if something is hogging you will notice with no or only low tech tools, especially if in the zone of testing.

    And turn on wpdebug. You might get surprised is all I will say about that. I really think it should be stated by devs. if they have developed with debug on or not. If it got its own little check mark I like to see the dev. who go “NO, screw debug!”. Can be a tricky one as to evaluate you must test in a clean way. An error comes from where? Must bark up the right tree but yeah it is WordPress own way of helping so what we must use. Most devs. do not seem to have issues fixing debug errors coming from their stuff – for as much as they are alive! But do not expect them to test a whole lot before submitting.

    I use a widget for dashboard which always show latest entries from debug.log. Can send out email even. There are probably smarter ways. I know at least 1 plugin which lets you see log files in admin, in a console type way. Well, if you dont make tedious tasks convenient you get annoyed fast – then skip and things go random agan! Easy is keyword 🙂


    Genesis 2.0 beta is out

    Big news. It CAN DO HTML5 MARKUP!!!
    Just have to activate it…

    More relevant is example of bogus optimization:

    Inline HTML comments have been removed to reduce page size.

    HTML compression does not have high tweaking value as it is. Test before/after. Even less when considering potential issues, compression can break HTML! Should be low priority or avoided. More of an obfuscation feature. What ever, a few lines more or less has absolutely no impact when doing an entire page is questionable. Might as well say, “we now use “Gen” instead of “Genesis” to name our functions as it consist of fewer characters, hence faster data processing.

    They can tell Copyblogger marketing they have lost optimization authority 🙂 Which is amazing as there is not much to optimize! May be why they stumbled over HTML comments which are meant to help developers, and to me is sign of attention to detail, quality.


    Well okay I see that but Genesis is still behind in a way and weird to use in some cases..
    Im no expert but when I pulled code from the WP codex..(specifically user login code)
    I was able to make it work on a few themes..(Theme Blvd being one) With Genesis is returns PHP errors like much of the code from the codex will..After getting flamed in the Genesis forums.( I kid you not they do not like criticism ) Its mostly because some child themes use code like this–> genesis (); to close say the footer..or call the footer..for example.. So you can make codex code work but it needs a re-write..Which they will do for you in the forums if you hang around and ask enough(or if you know how to do that)..It is simpler to just find a theme or framework that allows me to just minimize the time spent asking questions.. IF TB keeps up the dev docs here added to the fact that they advertise right on the JS page the seamless integration to WordPress ( see..”ive seen this before”) This is that framework at least from my stand point.. is the best for what I do.
    (P.S. Thanks for the tips on optimization I do behave better this last year regarding my post..I also work for one company now..So we do test during the whole process..The Drupal team is the lead devs..and I am a rung below that so..all testing goes thru them..I cant wait to deploy jump start..The lead team is very impressed..with JS..No one really likes Drupal they all complain about the modules and all. Plus there are so many enterprise sites on WordPress now that many see the possibilities)


    Optimization is not much more than a habit! Just have to get started 🙂

    Yesterday I found a local Google+ group where they were talking about W3TC vs. Super Cache. How surprising? A dude from a hosting company posted that he had made serious testing and off he went. Ok but when I checked his own company blog it loads jQuery 2 times, and 2 different versions!, is generally crappy. WordPress 3.4.2 is old! So I told him it was bad advertising to show off incompetence while talking about what is right and wrong. Also plugins and other things should be optimized before throwing lipstick on via caching plugins. And some more… Point is do not believe people 100% when they talk of performance, not unless they are gurus or something. And then much they say are often not directly relevant, only interesting. I checked more posts in that group, people are absolutely uncritical to what plugins they install. Group should be called “Plugin recommendations”. Someone wanted a plugin for a glossary type of page. Random dude posted a “top 10” kind of guide from 2010. Half the links were dead. Such info is poison. WordPress community just blows with this, the end 🙂 Being super critical is most important feature to have.

    I do not have much experience with Genesis but know how it is screwed together. Is basic and totally under developed, heh. Thing is you cant say Genesis without marketing and feeling the whole Copyblogger hand shake. Genesis is also up selling Premise and all sorts of marketing toys. People buy in to that. Attracts IM crowd . Almost like cult theme Thesis.

    Another group of buyers are rubber web devs. who happen to love a massive boring and semi-ugly child theme package. They can make a web site faster than you can blow nose. Give them any client and they have something up their sleeves.

    If you check out .org site you can see many tools which can help you pimp Genesis, make a more usable. This is for yet another group, those who actually want to build stuff but require help. Is half arsed most of it. Also not all is official. Simply not where they put most effort and so we can conclude is not where they make most money. This group should buy Jump Start instantly.

    I once checked Brian Gardners twitter and he was praising someones web site, made by a web dev pro. I looked immediately noticed a smell of paid child theme. Back to Genesis, roll through the list and there it was. 98% copy and paste job and Gardner goes all “OMG!!” That is Genesis to me. And most other frame works as well. Is tricky to find a balance between not coloring output too much, like via huge “no coding required” dumb options pages, and still offer some ease of use – while not screwing over flexibility. Story of frame works and why they fail. You get sucked in but only later find out how “clean” they actually are and typically you find out when it is too late right? I am not sure what Genesis is even trying.

    Those who really like a blank theme can do better I think, like Tadlocks Hybrid. I was very close to picking that instead of Jump Start. He use hooks called “atomic_xxx” Must be good! My problem is I want freeeedom but also ease of use and extras in all shapes and forms. Also if you notice it is not super difficult to get Jason to add a new feature, how ever small. Try accomplish same with old lazy products.

    Genesis/Copyblogger empire is zzzz$$$$ but I would happily trade bank account with Brian Gardner. Cant really argue against such success. Oh, I see Mullenwegs face on front page and they paid Jaquith a small car to “security audit”. Am I changing my mind??? NO, still lame 🙂

    Drupal sucks even more than Genesis! but there are reasons for that. They are unfortunately targeting big business. Has very little to do with WordPress. I find it crappy there are no NORMAL cms/blogging tool which can take on WordPress. Like you COULD use X instead. Do not say Tumblr, etc – as that is why we get this horror of post format UI, JetPack – I will even add Theme customizer. Is part of master plan to eventually strangle all fun and devs in the world. In few years I can see an underground/forked WordPress emerge 🙂

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