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Jump Start 2.0 Beta 2 – Column spacing when matching heights

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    Hi Jason,

    I love that the column heights can be matched regardless of the content in them. See screenshot:

    However, many designs are like this:

    If you could work in an option to add spacing between the columns that would be great.

    .container-md-height {
    border-spacing: 20px;

    The border-spacing property will add spacing between the columns. I think it needs to be added to the .container-md-height selector since that’s the selector that defines the table property. If the spacing pixels could be set in the Template Builder, that would be idea.

    Here’s the result:

    Now, after I’ve gone to the trouble to describe this, you will say, “Oh, that’s done in beta 3.” 😉

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    Jason Bobich

    So, I’m going to say that this is probably not something I’ll be adding, but mainly because adding this adds some slight complications with other options, and would end up not being a single option addition.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of what max_input_vars is in PHP configuration on a server, but I need to start being a little stingy with adding options. Even a layout just a little larger than this will break and not fully save on the average user’s server configuration, because of all the form fields.

    As you said the “design calls for” — I would just add some CSS class to the Columns element’s display options and add in the styling from your child theme. That should probably do the trick, I’m thinking.


    Yes, I was able to figure this out with border-spacing property. I totally get why you have to limit options. And, one little option leads to several other options that must be setup. It gets crazy.

    But, it’s good to know it won’t be an option, because it comes up often enough, that I can have a little tutorial on how to set it up and how to manage spacing between columns.

    Here’s another thought:

    I have been collecting a lot of little code snippets. I noticed on the Enfold support site, they have a forum area but he also has a lot of code snippets. I have these all on my private snippets site. Do you think we could create an area on that could store helpful code snippets? It would be great to crowd source these and be able to access them from the sidebar of the site.

    Jason Bobich

    I know we’ve talked about that before. I’m not sure I’m ready to set something like that up just yet.

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