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jQuery type error on post list

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    Jason Bobich

    Have you tried going through the plugins you have installed?


    contact form 7 is the culprit. I’ve had pretty good luck with them, I guess I’ll rattle their cage and/or find another form solution.


    I bet a free theme it is not 🙂 Try look at that linksalpha embed stuff. Like Or in Firefox try click “info” link for the 2 JS errors,

    ReferenceError: LOTCC is not defined
    ReferenceError: bk_addPageCtx is not defined

    leads to a file hosted by linksalpha – which does a LOT of things. In an iframe 🙂 Including loading old jQuery 1.8.3 from Google.

    When I checked site 3-4 hours ago “superfish” was not defined and menus were without superfish. Right now they work so I think Linksalphas setup or implementation on your site is a bit shaky. Is a tracking service so what to expect…

    What ever it is I think you should use dev. tools in browsers to check because source code does not tell whole story. Is very alive with JS coming in from all angles, may be also in random order/position 😉 If something takes out CF7 and Superfish it cant be good.

    Jason Bobich

    That’s odd because I use contact form 7 on all the live demos and I don’t have any issues. I wonder if maybe it’s because I’m using and older version of contact form 7 possibly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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