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Homepage Re-Direct Loop Error

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    Need help from the theme author about the redirect loop error.

    When the front page is set to blog it’s fine. When it’s set to a custom page it gives the redirect loop error. When you go to a specific page (/home or /about-us for example) it works fine. Error Screen Shot Here:

    Brad Davis-

    Stephen Kennedy (developer)

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Brad,

    I’m afraid I’m most likely not going to have a solid answer for you, as I’ve never heard of any kind of issue on anyone’s site before. This seems like it would have something to do with forwarding template files in conjunction with the preview DNS setup you have going on with your site, or whatever staging environment your host is setting up for you.

    In terms of troubleshooting for your specific setup in terms of what you’re telling me, I do have one longshot idea, though. Can you tell me exactly how you’ve set the custom layout as the homepage? (1) Do you have the layout attached to a static frontpage? (2) Or did you go the route of setting the homepage layout from Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Homepage?

    If you’ve done #2, there is a basic WordPress template_redirect that happens (which should work fine assuming your WordPress site is setup correctly), but that’s the only thing I can think of. So, let me know exactly how you’ve setup your homepage, and we can discuss this in more detail if what I’m telling you doesn’t make sense.


    Just ran into the same problem after transferring a site over to an old site.
    I had a static home page set and in the theme options home page content was set to posts.
    Switching theme options to custom layout and then turning off static homepage fixed my loop problem.



    Hi there,

    I am in the process of building a site live, and have encountered the same problem.

    When the Homepage is set to posts, then it works fine, although the redirect loop happens when I try and set to a static homepage.

    For clarity the following steps have been followed:

    Page “home” was set up, and a custom layout was added to it (minimal content at present as early in development).
    Under “homepage content” under theme settings “custom layout” is selected.
    Under WordPress settings home is set to static page and posts is set to blog (currently empty).
    Looking at the DNS server, wordpress appears to have installed correctly, so I do not understand what would be causing this?

    The website (with loop):


    Jason Bobich

    I do not know the specific answer to the issue because I cannot reproduce on my end, but it sounds like you’re mixing up the two separate ways of applying a homepage layout with our layout builder.

    If you give the following video a 5 minute watch (although boring), it’ll make sense the two different separate methods:

    When the Homepage is set to posts, then it works fine, although the redirect loop happens when I try and set to a static homepage.

    So, since you say this, let’s try going that route. If the problem happens when you try to set a static frontpage, then let’s not do that at all then.

    In the video I referenced above, I’m referring to method #2, described starting at 3:13 of the video.

    When you go this route, are you still having the issue?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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