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Header Text size

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    How can I make the header text appear bigger in size lets say h3 or h2 and alter the font and color?
    I am running a child theme and tried wiring out with css but it does’t work.
    What is the exact code to put in de child theme’s css?

    Thank you.

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    Jason Bobich


    Please remember that support doesn’t include providing customizations.

    You’ve got the right selector in your style.css if you’re targeting the text in the header, and so you’re on the right path. The problem is this part — size=large — This is incorrect CSS syntaxing. CSS properties and their values are always separated by a colon :.

    The CSS property you want to use is called “font-size”. Here is some information on how to use this:

    And then for the color of text, you want to use the “color” property:

    And also remember that CSS property/value pairs are separated by a semi-colon ;

    .watever {
    	foo: bar;
    	foo2: bar2;

    Hi Jason!

    I’m hoping I can tack onto this thread instead of starting a new one for something this minor.

    I’d like to make the phone number in the header, below the social icons, bigger/possibly bolder. I’m happy to sacrifice the “Call Us Today” text space to do this.

    Using Firebug, I can see this is what’s changing the color of that text:

    #branding .header-text {
        color: #1a5a78

    However when I try to adjust the size using font-size, nothing seems to happen. So sorry to be clueless…

    Jason Bobich

    In the Custom CSS option on your theme options page (because you’re not using a child theme), you’d just do this:

    #branding .header-text {
        font-size: 15px;
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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