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Header and comments gone

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    After I built a custom layout for my single posts, both the title/ header and comments area are gone. How can I get them back?
    I’ve made a custom layout to display a floating widget area (with some ads) below the posts’ content. (I’ve also activated your “Theme Blvd Layouts to Posts” plugin to assign the custom layout to single posts.) It should be straight forward, but when I assign the new layout to the posts, both the post’s title and the whole comment area disappears. In the layout builder or the theme options’ panel, I can’t see any way to turn titles or comment areas in single posts on or off.
    Any solution up the sleeve, Jason?
    Ideally, I’d like to display the ads above the comments – the second best would be below (as it will be with the new layout).
    Single post – missing heading, comment area and one posted comment:
    Post list – where the title and comments button appear as they should:

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Kjetil,

    This isn’t really the intended use of the Layout Builder. When you apply a custom layout to a page you’re replacing its content area with the layout for a specific page. So, using this plugin as a sort of site-wide post template isn’t going to quite work for the reasons you’re seeing.

    I would just copy content.php to your Child theme and put your ad code at the bottom.

    Another option would be to hook to themeblvd_single_footer from your Child theme’s functions.php, which would essentially accomplish the same thing.

    function my_single_footer() {
        Your ad code...
    add_action( 'themeblvd_single_footer', 'my_single_footer' );

    Thanks a lot, Jason
    Adding the script to the /alyeska-child/content.php worked like a charm – this child theme setup of yours is great!

    Now – regarding all those posts where I’ve switched to the custom layout: To switch back to Custom layout > “None”: Would it work just to delete that new custom layout (instead of working through each and every post)?

    Jason Bobich

    I would say you definitely want to either select none on all the posts manually, or just uninstalling the plugin would work, too. But keeping the plugin active and the posts set to show a custom layout, and just deleting the layout selected, will cause problems and make your site do extra work every time it loads.


    Just as I thought – after giving it some (well, yes) thought. Quite logical.
    Thanks again for your quick feedback.

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