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Google Maps Builder Element

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    Is it possible to use snazzy maps themes with your google map element in the builder?

    I have a client that wants a map with three pins on it for their office locations. I would rather avoid having to build a custom map but they want this map to have the country labels off but all the countries to be outlined on bluish gray land. They want the oceans to be white but they also want to put a navy blue fill color for the area for the region their office handles. is a quick mock up of what they wanted where they would have pins in North America(Oregon), Europe(England) and Australia.

    I can create the map with the pins and the pop up info just fine with your map builder but I don’t know how much control we have over changing colors to that specificity and adding fill colors.

    I have seen some premium map builders that might work but I would also rather avoid installing another plugin for this.

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Brett,

    Sorry but unfortunately, what you see there in the Layout Builder is how it works. Any kind of implementation of a third-party plugin would have to be something totally separate. I’m not sure how you would merge that with our implementation of Google maps.


    That’s what I was afraid of, I found another map builder that will probably work but I’ll have to get the $40 version to unlock some of the features they need.

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