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Give me peace of mind

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    I’m mid way through development of a website. I’ve created the child theme as recommended, and want to update my alyeska theme. I need to be 1000% sure that the update won’t lose all customisations.

    Also for some reason themes shows 2 copies of alyeska and a copy of the child theme??

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    Jason Bobich


    If your customizations are located within the child theme, then you won’t lose them. When updating the parent theme, this doesn’t have anything to do with modifying files of the child theme. That’s the idea behind it all. However, it is possible that not all of the changes you made from your child theme will still jive with the updated theme in the same way they did, previously.

    So, it’s important to always update the theme in a staging environment, make sure your child theme and plugins are compatible, and make any adjustments that need to be made to your child theme. I’m not sure how far behind you are updating from, but make sure to read any articles linked to in the changelog for each major release, leading to your version.

    But if your website is in development already anyway, there’s nothing really to be worried about. It’s really important though that you understand about the structure of your WordPress themes folder. It sounds like maybe you’re not all too comfortable there from what you’re asking.

    In WordPress all themes you see at WP Admin > Appearance > Themes each correspond to a directory on your server located at /wp-content/themes/.

    Also for some reason themes shows 2 copies of alyeska and a copy of the child theme??

    If you were to FTP into your site, you could see the structure of your themes folder and exactly what should be showing at WP Admin > Appearance > Themes.

    My guess is that you updated the theme once before with our built-in update system? — When you update through our system, it makes a backup of the current version you have. So, if you were to FTP into your site and look at your themes folder you should see something like this:


    The alyeska-x.x.x directory is the backed up version of the theme; it isn’t doing anything but sitting there, inactive. If you do need to point your child theme to the backed up parent theme version, you can do so by simply changing the “template” attribute of your child theme’s style.css to the name of the directory the backup is in (see this video). Or, if you no longer require the backed up version, simply delete it.


    Now ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what good support looks like. Many thanks for the very useful information. I just wish all authors would take the time to provide all the details. I’ll do exactly what’s suggested.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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