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FORT Awesome

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    Matthew MacMillan

    Hi Jason and everyone!

    So I’m trying to expand my icons to include custom the occasional custom icon, but I don’t relish doing this every time someone wants a custom custom. Is there and way to tell jumpstart to use FORT awesome (paid version of font awesome that allows custom icons and has a bigger library – instead of font awesome?

    Would I end up spending a year remapping everything?

    If so is there a way to do it in addition to font awesome so that I can ensure any site I do this on lows as slow as possible? Seeing as how fast web sites are so unpopular. (kidding)

    I’m exploring and trying to figure out if this is an option. Any intel you smart people can provide would be super helpful.



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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Matt,

    Unfortunately there’s no feature in the theme for extending the included FontAwesome icons. From my understanding each FortAwesome icon set is its own thing with their own unique implementation instructions. But I’ve never personally purchased one of the sets before, and so I can’t tell you how it works.

    Matthew MacMillan

    Thanks Jason, it was worth asking. 99.5% of the time FONT awesome has what I need anyway.

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