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Drop Down Menu Disappears

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    I’m having an issue with a drop down menu.
    Hovering over the parent, the drop down appears.
    Then, hovering over the child drop down, it disappears.

    I thought it might have to do with the z-index setting. I tried to set various CSS menu controls to z-index: 1, but no resolution.

    Web Site (yes, it’s pretty ugly design — this is a conversion)
    — Menu under “Talks”

    Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Jason Bobich


    So I’m not totally sure what the exact solution is or why this side effect is happening, but it seems that where you’ve applied opacity to the main menu is what’s causing the z-indexing issue. This part:

    /* Primary Navigation */
    /* PHW - Menubar style completely changed */
    #access {
    	font-size: 16px;
    	background-color: #ccD4FF;
    	opacity: 0.85;
    	border-top: 1px solid #861D0D;

    If I comment out the line, opacity: 0.85; — Everything seems to work again.


    Thanks Jason – that solves the problem! One of those CSS anomalies. — would have never thought that would cause the issue. — I owe you one — hope I can reciprocate by answering a few forum questions in the future.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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