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display featured image on left in posts list – Jumpstart 2.0

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    I could swear that there was a switch in jumpstart to display the featured image on the left in post list instead of on top.

    Is there a method or am I daffed.

    OK I daffed, but is there a method.

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    Jason Bobich


    I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to specifically (what theme version, whether you’re using a shortcode, layout builder, etc) but in Jump Start v1, there has always been an option of how large to display thumbnails. When they’re “full width” they’re shown above, and when they’re “small” they’re on the left.

    However, starting in Jump Start v2 (currently only released to everyone in beta) the “post list” now has a slightly different, more fixed design. The thumbnail only shows on the left. Conversely, also in Jump Start v2, there is a new way of displaying posts called “blog” — which is essentially the old post list with “full width” thumbnails.


    Apologies. Jump Start v2.

    I seem to be getting only the “Blog List” instead of the “Post List”
    Would prefer the “Post List”, at this time I’m not using shortcodes to bring up the listing. Just menu category item.

    Although all of other list seem to be correct. Menus, Recent Posts etc.

    I’ll try downloading another copy of Jump Start v2 and will see.

    Jason Bobich

    So, this is new for Jump Start v2, but basically there are now four, distinct ways of displaying posts:

    1. Blog
    2. List
    3. Grid
    4. Showcase

    And now there are options to actually allow you to change for WordPress archives what is used. This is all new.

    So, the first way is to change the post display for all archives. You can do this from Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Archives. You can select from any of the four post displays.

    Next, you can change the post display for individual archives —

    For your individual tag and category archives, you can edit the specific Tag or Category under the “Posts” sections of your WP admin. When you you click to edit an existing category or tag, you’ll notice the theme adds an option where you can select to do a different post display for that specific category or tag.

    For an author archive, you can change the post display by logging into that author’s account, and going to their profile settings.

    I will be making a video on this whole subject before the final release.


    Thank you Jason. The fresh download and upload to the practice site worked. First install of Jump Start v2 was not fully complete. Now I see there were many parts missing. We got it now.

    And might I add a personal note: Wow! nice piece of work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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