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Display Breadcrumbs and Page/Post Title with Custom Layout

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    I’m using the “Custom Layout” template and notice that it ignores the Display Title and Display Breadcrumbs options. What if I want the title and breadcrumbs to display? I know I can add a Breadcrumbs element to the layout, however the padding/margins require tweaking to make look like other standard pages. Also, I don’t know of an element which allows me to display the actual title of the post.

    I would think this is a common issue that others have already decided on a solution to. What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jason Bobich


    I can actually only remember the breadcrumbs issue and layout builder really only coming up one other time.

    The main issue is that a custom layout does not have the same structure that a standard page does. So there isn’t really any way to just hook in somewhere or make a simple customization that would make it look identical to a standard page setup.

    For the breadcrumbs, you can get a pretty close result by putting the breadcrumbs element in its own section. Then, in the display options of the section containing your breadcrumbs, set the padding to 0 on top/right/left (or adjust, as needed).

    And for the title, there is a trick there. Add a “Headline” element and in the text put %page_title% — Or if that’s not correct, it should say in the description of the element when you’re in the layout builder.

    Also, if your custom layout isn’t very complex, you can consider just using an old-fashioned page, as there’s a lot of shortcodes you can use that display many of the same things form a custom layout. Here’s a listing of all of them: (See “Usage Examples” on the top menu bar)

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