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Demo-1 example and mobile scaling

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    Using the “demo-1” example, is there anyway to get the images to scale down to show more like the desktop version? They get cropped, and the image can’t be seen (fully) on a mobile device.

    Thanks, and another great job on this theme!

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    Jason Bobich


    Thanks for the kind words!

    Are you referring to the images in the hero unit slider at the top of the page? Unfortunately, no because these are background images to the content. The content and message are the primary focus of the hero unit slider, and the images serve as simply the background to that.

    If you use a “Hero Unit” element, opposed to the “Hero Unit Slider” you can apply your background to the wrapping section, instead of to the Hero Unit, itself. Then, from there you’ll have more control over the section’s padding and general display.

    But getting back to wanting a slider there — if you’re looking to have the images be more the focus, you could also try using a different slider like the full width “Simple Slider” for example. Also, if you’re wanting to get really complex, if you’ve got the Revolution Slider plugin active, a element is added to the layout builder so you can incorporate it into your layout.

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