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Custom widget area text widget disappears

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    Great theme, here goes with the problem.

    Created custom widget area for a page. Added text widget, saved. Instead of it appearing on the page it appeared on all pages. Checked, it had moved itself to the default right sidebar. Removed it tried again, same thing. Moved it from default to page sidebar, it worked.

    Repeated this to create a custom widget area for second page, no matter what I do, it just keeps removing the text widget from the sidebar.

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    I should add that it is only adding a text widget that has this problem. Other widgets remain on the custom sidebar.


    I should add also that because time is of the essence, I’ve found a workaround. I’ve installed ‘widget entries’ plugin and added that as the widget as opposed to the standard ‘text’ widget. So I have a solution, but I’d be interested to hear why standard text widget doesn’t work.

    Jason Bobich


    I’m sorry to hear you’re having that issue. I really wish I had a better answer.

    In all the customers using this framework I’ve helped, I’ve never had anyone mention that one, and the text widget is probably the most popular widget there is. I’m trying to reproduce what you’re describing, but cannot on my end, unfortunately. But realistically, I know I personally have got tons of text widgets in custom widget areas on a lot of sites.

    So, I guess generally when I hear an issue like this that I haven’t run into before or can’t reproduce, the first question is it possible there’s something unique about your setup? Is it possible you have some sort of plugin that’s interfering or not jiving with the theme? — I guess if you have a working solution it may not be worth the trouble to find where the specific conflict is.


    Hi Jason,

    It’s only right I reply to your response. Initially I thought the response was a cop out, But hey, widget entries is far more flexible than the standard text widget anyway, so no real loss. Thanks for the response however, and I’m about to post a couple more queries.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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