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Creating a gallery with a lightbox?

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    Your video tutorial on creating galleries linked to a lightbox is easy to follow, but the recent WP changes to the gallery interface throws up a problem that I hope you can resolve.

    The checkboxes shown in the video allowing you to choose “Link to image” are not there anymore (I’m using WP3.5.1). Instead when creating a new gallery there’s a drop-down menu and it seems to show that “Link to Media File” is the default. But when I click the “Insert gallery” option, the lightbox isn’t operational – the short code is there [gallery ids="1281,1282"] but link=”file” is missing? The images link to an attachment page instead.

    I’ve seen this mentioned on some of your other theme forums but I can’t read the answers. One thread did mention “clicking on the thumbnails” so I tried that when creating the gallery and had some success but I’m not sure why? Choosing “Attachment Page” first from the drop-down and then choosing “Media File” immediately after seems a bit odd? Adding the “link=file” manually seems to work but I would prefer if it could be achieved without going into the Text tab. Is that possible – what causes “link=file” to be added?

    This might be a WP thing or maybe I’m missing something?

    Any advice on how to reliably link to the media file?

    Many thanks…Rob.

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Rob,

    This is a bug currently with WordPress. When you select for it to link to the file, same as in the older version, it’s supposed to trigger the link="file" part on the gallery shortcode. They’ve had this in trac for awhile. It’ll be fixed with WP 3.5.2, whenever that eventually gets posted.

    For now, after you insert the shortcode into your content, you can just type the link="file" manually.

    So, when WordPress inserts this:

    [gallery ids="1281,1282"]

    Simply change it to this:

    [gallery ids="1281,1282" link="file"]

    Thanks, Jason, I’ll modify the shortcode manually as you suggest until it’s fixed.

    Really appreciate the fantastic support you provide.

    All the best…Rob.

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