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Changing Featured Image Size

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    My task is to change the size of the Featured Image in Posts, and even better, only do it for a particular post type.

    I have read the chapter on Image Sizes in the documentation, I’m aware of the Thumbnail Regeneration and Theme Blvd Image Sizes plugins, but I still don’t see how exactly I change the image that is called from within the post.

    Right now the Featured Images are about 180px wide. I am using a new post type, and in my taxonomy file the code for the thumbnail is in this attached image here:

    The “size” seems like something that would be modified, how do I do this?

    As a suggestion changing the sizes for a post could be a built in feature in the Dashboard?

    Thank you!

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    Jason Bobich

    You could pass the size in directly to the function:

    <?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail( themeblvd_get_att( 'location' ), 'your_size' ); ?>

    If you need to adjust the size outside of the template file before it gets included it would be like this:

    // Somewhere earlier in the process ...
    themeblvd_set_att('size', 'your_size');
    // In your template file ...
    <?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail( themeblvd_get_att( 'location' ), themeblvd_get_att( 'size' ) ); ?>

    In the first option directly in the code, Is “your_size” a pixel width? I made it “500” just to test and nothing changes, like this:

    <?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail( themeblvd_get_att( 'location' ), '500' ); ?>

    Jason Bobich

    Oh, no that would need to be a registered crop name. WordPress doesn’t retrieve image sizes in the way you’re expecting. For this to be possible, WordPress would have to be cropping and generating images on the fly, but it doesn’t work like that.

    There are registered image sizes, and every time you upload an image, WordPress crops a version for all registered crop sizes. Now, for a given image, WordPress has a size for each of the registered crop sizes.

    If you pull a “your_size” image, you need to register that size. Checkout the image sizes tutorial again now that you understand you actually have to register a size.


    Ok I still have absolutely no idea what to do. Forgive me if we stray from Jumpstart specific topics here. Just tell me what to do here, without skipping anything.

    How do I “register” a crop name or image size? The page in question has about 10 posts with Features Images. I just want to make them a bit larger on this page. Where are “registered crop sizes” defined in the theme?

    I “regenerated thumbnails” for the first image, nothing happened.

    The documentation chapter on “Image Sizes” kind of generally summarizes how things are set up, but that’s about it. There are examples like: “square_smallest”. So for example, do I put that where “size” is in the code? I did that, and regenerated the thumbnail for that one image, and nothing happens.

    I don’t know why this is so difficult to find plain and simple step by step instructions on what to do here. Forgive me… I appreciate your help. Thank you.


    Sorry – I have one other solution which may work if I can’t figure this out, but it still involves a question.

    On “Add New” post editor pages, there is a module called “Post Options.” It is hidden/revealed under “Screen Options” at the top. In this module you can determine if the featured image is a link to a larger version.

    I have a new post type, with the usual supports of:


    What is the “post options” module called? Couldn’t i add it here to access that functionality?

    Thanks for your patience…

    Jason Bobich

    Just tell me what to do here, without skipping anything.

    I’m sorry, but that’s jut not how this works. Please remember that support does not include providing you with customizations.

    If you want customizations given to you, we’ve got great customization partners at WerkPress you can contact.

    How do I “register” a crop name or image size?

    You use WordPress’s add_image_size() function to register your crop size.

    And now you have a crop size you can use.

    <?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail( themeblvd_get_att( 'location' ), 'your_crop_size' ); ?>

    What is the “post options” module called? Couldn’t i add it here to access that functionality?

    Look in /framework/admin/functions/meta.php and see the “setup_themeblvd_post_meta” function. This “Post Options” meta box has filterable array you can modify from your Child theme.

    When filtering the array you want to modify the array included at $config['config']['page'] which corresponds to the $post_type array passed into standard add_meta_box function of WordPress. — To understand how this works fully, you’re going want to do some research on adding meta boxes in WordPress.


    I don’t know what “proving you” means, but I understand your point. I don’t develop themes, so this is just a lot of moving parts. The learning process can be frustrating when people say “oh, you just do this…” and either that doesn’t do anything, or it then introduces five other problems, and everything compounds exponentially. Anyway…

    This is a great theme, thank you for your help, and for providing this forum. Cheers-

    Jason Bobich

    Apologies, I meant so say “providing you with customizations” — There’s always going to be a learning curve with the route you’re taking of buying a theme and trying to make code customizations to it yourself without hiring someone that does that professionally. I understand that can be frustrating for anyone, but should go with the territory in saving potentially thousands of dollars.

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