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Certain Lists Are Skewed

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    For some reason, likely after an update (wordpress, plugin, or theme) the chevrons beside dropdown menus now appear below the menu text as apposed to beside the menu text. Also, the meta for posts is no longer appearing on one line.

    I will privately send you a link to the website.


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    Jason Bobich


    It looks like it’s from that opt-in plugin you’re using, that’s there in the sidebar. They’re spitting out general CSS, which is styling elements outside of their form.

    I just wrote this real quick in the browser and it would override what the plugin is doing. But honestly this is just because what the plugin is doing is sloppy, spitting out general CSS that’s not specific to their output.

    .entry-meta .fa,
    .sf-menu .fa:before {
      display: inline-block;
      font-size: inherit;
    Jason Bobich

    That CSS I just gave you I don’t think will make it look perfect because overriding the sloppiness everything the plugin is adding that messes with Fontawesome, is actually a bit tough. But that should get you started if you really want to keep it.


    Thank you for identifying the culprit (quickly), great support Jason!

    Your quick code fixed a couple of the main issues, in the meantime I am going to try and revert to an older version of that plugin (which by the way is not the first time they broke something).

    I’ve already reached out to them on, funny how the theme developer is quicker to respond than the actual plugin developer 😉

    Jason Bobich

    If you maybe want to pass this to them… If they would edit their CSS to just prefix all their styles with some class selector for their plugin like .my-plugin i.fa {} instead of just i.fa {} – that would make it play more nicely with other plugins and themes, in general.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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