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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Joshua,

    No, apologies but custom layouts are only meant for setting up individual pages. Unfortunately they’re not setup to be used as any kind of template for other parts of WordPress.

    If you had a few select categories, you could use custom layouts to setup some landing pages or something, but they wouldn’t be the default archive pages throughout your site, if that makes sense.

    Joshua Crosby

    Thanks for your answer Jason,i will find some other way then to accommodate my categories.

    Once again,many thanks for the great support and great theme.


    I have wanted “custom layout” for categories too, but not possible. I think you can cheat/redirect though. For example via this plugin Then if you click a category it will jump to page with custom layout, consisting of category posts – may be paginated. Single view will not change. Fake default archives 🙂 Not sure how cool it is for big sites. Might be useful for simple stuff with that 1 request of a grid layout or what ever.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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