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Can't install the demo xml

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    I’ve tried to install the demo xml with no result. ¿Can you help me please?

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    Jason Bobich


    Thanks for your purchase, and being the first to post in the new Denali forum. 🙂

    Provided is a standard XML import file from default WordPress exporter. Are you familiar with how the default WordPress Import/export system works? Have you had a chance to watch the video from your docs how to import and setup the demo? Video:

    Can you try to give me more information about what you’re doing and what the problem is? Are you getting an error message? Maybe you could show me a screen shot?



    Hopefully this helps –

    I followed the instructions from the video, the import ran but kicked out several messages about failing to import certain items (Failed to import pa_color Blue, Failed to import “Dewey’s Stupidity”: Invalid post type forum, ETC)

    I ran the import process three more times until I got the success message: All done. Have Fun! The Primary Navigation menu had some duplicate items, which I fixed. After this, the site matches the demo.

    COPIED FROM WP Dashboard Import screen
    A lot more failed to import messages…..
    Failed to import “Devil and Dewey starting to get their own bright ideas”: Invalid post type topic
    Failed to import “Boyd crashing in on Ava, when she’s expecting lover boy, Raylan”: Invalid post type topic
    Failed to import “Winona (super hot ex-wife) shows up at Raylan’s motel”: Invalid post type topic
    Failed to import “Some fishyness going on with this dentist”: Invalid post type topic
    Failed to import “Let’s get this all squared away”: Invalid post type topic
    Failed to import “An introduction to Dewey Crowe”: Invalid post type topic
    All done. Have fun!

    Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users.

    Denali demo data has been setup successfully.


    Just FYI, demo data imported fine for me, but it did kick out a long list of failures.

    Jason Bobich

    Hi guys,

    The errors you’re seeing are no big deal. They just mean you don’t have the identical setup of plugins I have in the demo.

    bbPress, WooCommerce, and Gravity Forms plugins are all present in the demo, but are not in the recommended plugins when you install the theme. So if you want the data relevant to this plugins, you need them installed.

    For example, all the errors @twitchylegs is citing correspond to bbPress, which is a plugin for setting up forums posts. So the errors come from it not being installed. But if you don’t care about forums or the sample data for forums, it doesn’t matter.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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