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Can't find the Showcase with Excerpts in the Denali theme

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    I installed the files I downloaded after purchasing,
    but could’t find the Showcase with Excerpts page that my website
    will be based upon.

    What do I need to to?



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    Jason Bobich


    There are several ways to implement a post showcase display of posts.

    1. Through the post showcase element of the layout builder.

    2. Through the post showcase page template applied to a page.

    3. Through the [post_showcase] shortcode inserted into the content of a page.

    Method #1 of using the layout builder is probably the most robust and gives the most user options. This is how I set up most pages of the live demo.

    You should checkout the Getting Started chapter of your docs. There’s a lot of useful info there.

    Also this article may be helpful:

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