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Cache plugin

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    Although there are a few things still left to do, my Swagger modified theme is pretty much ready for the world.

    I’ve had a few comments about it loading slowly. This is obviously not great in terms of conversions and bounce rates etc. So, I have 2 questions:

    1) Is it ‘safe’ to use a Cache plugin with Swagger? If so, is W3 Total Cache the one to use? Anything I should be careful of?
    2) Is there any way to get the video and/or entire ‘slider’ area on the first page loading AFTER the rest of the page content rather than before? A friend showed me a video of him loading the site, and it took ages to load in the video slider (like 20 seconds) and he couldn’t scroll below the slider until it was loaded in.

    Looking forward to your thoughts. Love the theme!

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    You did a good job.. cache plugins are ok to use Super cache is developed by Automatic so it plays cache has more options in some respects if I remember right.. APC caching is good..if you have a none shared host and can get it…
    Best advice is go for it try it all page speed is like crack the more you do it the faster it gets the more you want it faster..
    So just jump in.. 🙂

    Jason Bobich

    1. Any plugin you want to use is safe. Just experiment with them. Total Cache or Super Cache are both good options. I think Total Cache is probably a little more complicated.

    The next logical step, depending on the kind of traffic you’re getting to your site, would be to move to some kind of more expensive hosting. I don’t know what your setup is like, but for example, if you’re on some kind of cheaper, shared hosting plan, that’s only going to take you so far and you’re only going to get so much out of. You can’t really expect much.

    2. No, there’s no way from that, I’m afraid. Including videos from external sources like YouTube or Vimeo is always hit or miss because you have no control over what’s going on over at the service their being delivered from at any given time. The videos are embedded into the HTML markup of your site by WordPress’s oembed, which results in how YouTube or Vimeo instructs you to put videos into your site when they give you the snippet to paste.

    The only way I can think of where the video wouldn’t effect the load of the rest of the site is if theoretically you inserted it with javascript somehow into the HTML markup after bringing the site to the web browser. But there’s obviously not going to be any feature in the theme’s slider to do anything like this.


    Thanks for the replies. I’ll have a play!

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