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button social share and comments

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    Ricardo Morales

    Hi Jason,
    this time I write for two questions we have in our squad jump start.
    As I can do to add the buttons of social networks on pages built with Buildi layout.
    The second question is I do not know why not go the required reaction fields in our pages despite being selected box allow comments.
    Do you think there is any reason that does not happen?
    Thank you very much and waiting for your kind reply,
    Ricardo Morales.

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Ricardo,

    I truly apologize, but I am not understanding quite what you’re trying to ask with either question. Can you try to provide more detail in what you’re asking? Maybe links to examples on your site that show the issues you’re describing? Or maybe screenshots?

    Ricardo Morales

    Hi Jason. Thanks for responding.

    No problem. I can be more explicit.

    I have built a few pages layout build and would need to appear the buttons of social networks. As I can do to make the buttons appear social networking pages built with layout plugin build?

    That I will paste a code to display these social buttons?


    In my pages do not go the required reaction fields. I would like all my pages that visitors can leave their comments.

    Enable them comments box is marked with a check, however, they do not leave the fields that allow visitors to leave comments.

    Jason Bobich

    Ok, I think I’m understanding both questions. Let me know if I’m not.

    1. You can add a set of social icons to a custom layout by using the “Contact Bar” element within the Layout Builder.

    2. In Jump Start, you can include the comments template in standard pages by adding this to your child theme’s functions.php

    function my_global_config( $config ) {
    	$config['comments']['pages'] = true;
    	return $config;
    add_filter('themeblvd_global_config', 'my_global_config');
    Ricardo Morales

    jason hi, thanks for answering.

    Resolved the issue of the comments.

    The first question I did not know explain.

    I need to put social buttons to share my content my visitors.

    Social buttons Contac Bar are for my visitors do link to my social networks.

    I have to say that I dont have installed the Jetpack because I consume many resources.

    you think not having the jetpack plugin? improves the performance of the website?

    I would like to disable the lightbox popup manific because I conflicts with another.
      You can see an example of this in: Please click on a photo
    thanks again.

    Ricardo Morales

    Jason Bobich

    There’s no feature for adding social share icons to your custom layout, but maybe you could create a shortcode from your child theme, which you could then use in the layout builder? In your shortcode you’d just return what you get from themeblvd_blog_share().–wp-17165

    It might look something like this:

     * Shortcode to display article share icons.
     * Usage: [share]
    function my_share() {
    	return themeblvd_blog_share(true); // passing true tells the function to return the output
    add_shortcode('share', 'my_share');
    Jason Bobich

    you think not having the jetpack plugin? improves the performance of the website?

    I guess it depends what you’re using for, but I’d say yeah, it’s probably a bit overkill, if you’re just trying to get a few things from it. But at least, the plugin does have a feature to disable parts you don’t need.

    I would like to disable the lightbox popup manific because I conflicts with another.

    So with activating comments on pages, you’re already filtering the global config array. So, just add to it, in order to set that magnific popup script asset to false. See themeblvd_setup() in /framework/includes/general.php, so you know the array you’re filtering.

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