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Blurry thumbnails

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    Hey Jason!

    I think all thumbnails become a bit blurry.
    Do you have any advice on how to best get them nice and sharp looking?

    As it is now I’m uploading cristal clear, sharp images in the size of 940x591px.


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    Ok. I found a nifty little plugin that will sharpen resized images:

    Works pretty well too.


    If they used to be sharp but went downhill did you change PHP version? Downgrading to dead 5.2.x disable ImageMagick (does for me anyway) which is supposed to secure sharpness. Since WP 3.5 , google for before/after comparisons. Or you did not enable it? or must re-enable after switching stuff at host control panel? I have to activate ImageMagick manually.

    Have not tested this but give interface to fine tune ImageMagic, picks up all image sizes from Jump Start and can regenerate thumbs. If it works, but why not assume that? Could also be it is best to leave things “Dynamically calculated” but if picky default is never the best. If you have ImageMagick and good eyes you could find out if rubbish or must-have.


    Hi Carlo!

    Nope, I think they were always blurry. Thanks for the info. Host apparently has Imagick PHP module installed so… contacting host.



    If they say it is enabled and so should be picked up by WordPress image handling but still crap, you could install that plugin. To check if it is active for real – and perhaps also if settings are weird. If host force stupid settings result follows.

    Will say

    “Imagick PHP module: Imagick PHP module found ”

    And a green tick icon.

    If not found host could be rambling. May be difference between seeing module loaded and then working in WP.

    I have heard of issues with ImageMagick, host blaming plugins of doing it wrong making resources go crazy. Last one ONLY had stock WordPress so apparently core itself can mess up to – according to host 😉

    But is probably a better solution than sharpening which is what you can do with GD only.

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