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bbpress header and breadcrumb

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    How can I control the page title and breadcrumb settings on the bbpress index? I would like to turn them off. If I use a shortcode to display the forum index on a page, then I have the control I need, but because of the defined slugs in bbpress, they will link back to, rather than the page that has the index. I’ve not figured a way to solve this. I don’t really understand why bbpress just can not use shortcodes rather than slugs and templates. Or at least if a shortcode is being used, link back to that in the breadcrumb.



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    I put a short code for the bbpress index on this page, but as you see it links back to the the hard coded slugs. I need to turn off the page breadcrum and page header for bbpress.


    I’ve got a bbpress.php template, just need to figure out how to turn off breadcrumbs for the page its displaying.

    Jason Bobich

    I’m not able to see your site because its in maintenance mode, but are you trying to turn off the theme’s breadcrumbs, or bbPress’s?

    The theme’s breadcrumbs can be unhooked from the entire site like this:

    remove_all_actions( 'themeblvd_breadcrumbs' );
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