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Background color change

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    I recently purchased Swagger on themeforest.

    I have a couple questions:

    1. Please how do I change the background on my swagger child theme?
    2. How do I make my site logo and menu align on the same line [this will mean pushing the menu to the right a bit]?
    3. Instead of the right hand location of the button in the slogan element, how can I bring the button to the center?


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Victor,

    These would all be customizations you’d want to make from a child theme. I apologize, but please remember that support does not include providing customizations.

    We’ve got great customization partners over at WerkPress if you’d like to get in touch:

    Most of what you’re asking is going to involve CSS customizations. With something like moving the menu, it might help your CSS customizations along to actually re-locate the outputted HTML. This can be aided with the action hook system. For example you might move the themeblvd_header_menu_default function from “themeblvd_header_menu” action hook to “themeblvd_header_addon”.

    And here’s some helpful information specifically about the changing the background and CSS customizations in general:



    Please, just tell me where I need to go to make changes to the background. I know you do not offer support but kindly save my time and point me to where I need to make the needed changes. Other people will learn from this.

    Jason Bobich

    Please, just tell me where I need to go to make changes to the background.

    I’m sorry if I misunderstood what you’re asking — If you’re just meaning you want to change the background color with how the theme’s options work, these can be found at Appearance > Theme Options > Styles in your WordPress admin.

    But if you’re meaning you want to make a customization to the background of your site outside the scope of the theme’s options, the answer is here, as I linked to above:


    I have seen that before. What is the complete list of CSS selectors for editing the background?

    I tried all the selectors here and none seemed to change the Primary area’s background

    Jason Bobich

    What option do you have selected for your “Primary Color” on your theme options page? If you have any color other than light selected, there will be a class appended before these selectors like:

    .primary_blue #top { ... }
    .primary_blue #featured { ... }
    /* etc ... */

    This is why it’s really helpful to learn how to use a basic tool like Firebug or Google Chrome’s developer tools to locate these changes for your specific setup.

    And if you do have the light color selected for your primary color option, and it’s not working, I’d take another look at how you’re implementing your CSS changes. If you want to a post a link, and I can see where you’re at least taking a stab at making the change, I’d be glad to point you in the right direction.


    My primary color is light.

    I just want the whole background of the entire site to be like a grey color, with the exception of the footer. So to make the top gray what do I do? To make the featured above, primary area and featured below area, etc gray, what do I do? What selectors specifically will help me achieve this?

    I changed the background image, main-bg and featured-bg, but I noticed that a border was appearing at the page title area, what do I do to remove that?

    Jason Bobich

    This will get you started and is far as I’ll take it for you. 😉

    body {
        background: #f2f2f2;
    #main { 
        background: transparent;
        border: none;
    #featured .secondary-bg {
        display: none;

    And before you made mention that these selectors are not correct for the backgrounds of the sections, which I promise they are if you have the “light” color selected for the primary color option. So, make sure you’re installing the Child theme provided and putting your Custom CSS in the custom.css file of the child theme as the video shows, or things aren’t going to work right.


    Thanks. I’d like to suggest you charge something for support. But I must say that your swagger theme is incredible but alas you don’t back its wonder with support.

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