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Auto Lightbox (Selective)

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    I’m using the auto lightbox feature because I want most of the images to appear larger in a lightbox, but there are a handful of images that are not suited for this, i.e. they are simply inline images to accent the content. For those ones, I simply deleted the target URL (i.e. the full-size image URL).

    So, for those few images, the shortcode now looks like this:

    [lightbox link="" etc...]

    This solves the main issue, but when you mouse over those particular images, they still look like a link (pointer cursor, rollover effect, etc.)… what would your approach be to solve this?

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Ross,

    The idea behind how the Auto Lightbox feature works is that it is only going to insert the [lighbox] shortcode, if relevant.

    So, if you want to insert an image, that doesn’t link to an enlarged version, simply insert the image with no link selected, and our shortcodes plugin will allow WordPress to insert the image, as normal.


    Yes, I was going to do that… sorry, I should have said I wanted to keep the main styles, i.e. borders, subtle radius, etc., it’s a nice touch versus a flat image, I guess I’m just looking to calm the rollover effect and change the cursor from pointer to default, and was wondering how you would handle styling select shortcodes

    Jason Bobich

    After you insert the image (as normal, with no link), click over to the “Text” tab in your editor, and in the image’s HTML, try adding the class “thumbnail” —

    <img src="" class="alignright thumbnail" />

    (I’m assuming you’re using a somewhat recent version of the theme)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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