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how can I get lightbox working again with galleries

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    I think it is a little inefficient for me as a customer and you guys supporting these themes that I can not see the answer to the exact same issue in another themes forum.

    With that said please let me know how I can get lightbox working again with galleries.

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    Jason Bobich


    In terms of the galleries and lightboxes, nothing has changed with WordPress galleries or the theme in this regard, and they should still work fine for you. However, there is currently a bug in WordPress with the 3.5 update that strips out the link="file" when you insert a new gallery into your post or page that you’ve set to link to the file.

    They’ve got it in trac and marked for WP v3.5.2, so I’m sure it’ll get worked out soon with the next update.

    … but realistically, you can just type the link="file" manually in the meantime. So when you have your gallery shortcode in your page or post like this:


    You just need to need to change it to this:

    [gallery link="file"]

    If I’m misunderstanding the issue, please free feel to provide some more information about the specific issue you’re experiencing, and I’m sure we can work it out.



    You have always been very responsive and a great help. Thanks for the quick response and it works.

    I have used other theme companies that use this same forum process of segregating support issues by theme. It is very frustrating as a customer knowing the answer is a click away but you can’t see it because you have purchased ‘akita’ vs ‘swagger’. It waste my time and yours.

    I just don’t see the benefit of it, especially when it alienates a customer.

    Again, thank you for the quick response and solution!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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