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Adjusting staged image container width

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    Hi Jason,
    Thank you for the great theme plus all the tutorial videos, plugins and support.
    I am having trouble adjusting the width of the container of staged images in a slider.
    I used your image width plugin to change the width of an image,
    but the container remains default 542 px wide.
    I’d appreciate if you could take a look and advise.

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    Jason Bobich


    On this one, you’ll also need to customize the CSS there splitting the two sections in the staged slide. Basically, by default, you’ve got a 60%/40% split going on between the two sections. Here’s a theoretical way you could adjust this:

    .slide.tight .grid_fifth_3 {
    	width: 60%;
    .slide.tight .grid_fifth_2 {
    	width: 40%;

    So, you’d want to play with those number until it looks the way you want. Maybe something like 54%/46%.

    For CSS changes, it’s a good idea to use a tool like firebug or Google Chrome’s built-in developer tools to locate them and then put the edits either in your child theme or in the “Custom CSS” option on your theme options page.

    Also, here’s a helpful tutorial on how to use Firebug – The only thing I’d suggest not doing is actually making edits to the theme’s CSS files, as it shows at the end of that video. However, the video serves as a good introduction to Firebug and how it can be used to find what CSS is effecting certain areas of your site without ever digging around in any files.


    OMG… I never expected such a quick response! Thank you, Jason.

    However, when I put the CSS you provided in the “Custom CSS” option and set it to 50% / 50% to test, it does not produce the change. What do you mean by “a theoretical way”? Is this not the actual CSS?

    Sorry to keep asking for help..

    Jason Bobich

    You’ve got a typo in your custom CSS:

    #featured .element-slider .standard-slider-wrapper li.slide {
        height: 280px;

    … On this part before the code I gave you, you don’t have a closing bracket.


    How embarrassing. Sorry to have bother you on that, and thank you again for your support.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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